Equator is not a Whangarei Heads Land Surveyor

Equator autogenerates base plans from built-in, high-resolution airborne surveys.

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Columbia Land Surveyor

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Equator is not a land surveyor

Who Uses Equator?

Equator is used by professionals in the AEC industries – architects, engineers, landscape designers and construction professionals. We help designers build the infrastructure of the future faster, with the best public data from day one.

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Where does the data come from?

All of the data in Equator comes from public, open data sources. Topographic base plans are created from airborne lidar surveys that are carried out by government organizations. When you generate a base plan in Equator, you will be provided with a data quality and accuracy report, along with your deliverable. This report includes all of the source information and links to learn more.

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Columbia Land Surveyor LiDAR

How do professionals use Equator?

Infrastructure designers use Equator in a variety of ways:

  • To impress clients and stand out in proposal submissions
  • To better scope technical cost proposals
  • As part of the due-diligence process
  • To support concept development and design

Deliverables generated using Equator are often created prior to hiring a Whangarei Heads Land Surveyor, to gain a preliminary understanding of a site.

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fort lauderdale cross section
Equator Land Survey CAD

What software is supported?

Deliverables downloaded from the Equator platform can be used in a variety of other software platforms, including:

  • AutoCAD
  • Civil 3D
  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • Google Earth
  • and more!
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I need a Whangarei Heads Land Surveyor, can you help?

Certainly! Here is a list of local Whangarei Heads Land Surveyors.

Name Location Phone Number Address
Lands and Survey Ltd Regent +64800787839 164 Bank Street, Regent, Whangārei
Terrain Surveying Ltd Whau Valley +6494376912 102 Western Hills Drive, Whau Valley, Whangārei
Reyburn & Bryant 1999 Ltd Vinetown +6494383563 7 Selwyn Avenue, Vinetown, Whangārei
Simpson Shaw Surveyors Regent +6494387170 154 Bank Street, Regent, Whangārei
Geospatial Services Ltd Woodhill +6494382406 19 Armstrong Avenue, Woodhill, Whangārei