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905, 2022

What will ArcGIS cost? Personal vs. Team pricing

May 9th, 2022|

GIS Software What will ArcGIS cost? Personal vs. Team pricing Depending on the edition, ArcGIS can cost organizations anywhere from the basic $845 per year "Creator" package, to $25,000 annually for a small 5 user team. At $30/month per user, Equator offers organizations a significant discount with our competitive GIS solution. Not sure if you're a "paying" GIS user? Our $0/month free plan might be

2904, 2022

Google Earth Download

April 29th, 2022|

Design Confidently with the World’s Largest LiDAR Library Learn about the different versions of Google Earth, which one is right for you and how to download the correct version. Looking for Google Earth? Google Earth is available in three major versions: Google Earth for the Web Google Earth Pro Google Earth for Android and iOS