How Putt View used Equator to save over $100,000 in operating expenses and scale their growing business

Putt View Books
Putt View Books

Photo 1: Putt View hole analysis

About Putt View Books

Helping golfers level- up their game

Founded in 2019, Putt View Books has quickly become the go-to provider of yardage and green map books for golfers. The company creates and prints high-fidelity books of most golf courses in North America and Australia. The books feature beautiful, detailed yardage diagrams and topographical maps that avid golfers can use to improve their game.

Putt View Books

“EQ provides a simple, point-and-click way to extract data. It’s easy to use, and it works perfectly with my workflow. I didn’t have to change anything at all, and the data is really high quality. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be such high quality.”

Jonathan, Putt View Books

Life Before Equator

Expensive data and limited reach

To create the detailed diagrams in their books, Putt View requires access to point cloud elevation data. Before discovering Equator, the team at Putt View relied on a local company that flew planes and took ortho mosaic photos of mostly urban areas. The photos were then used to create topographic maps, which were sold to Putt View. This process was costly and time-consuming. Not only that, but the planes only flew over urban areas, excluding many golf courses in more remote or rural areas.

Putt View Books

Photo 2: Putt View green analysis

Putt View Books

Photo 3: Putt View Books

The Equator Difference

A hole in one

The team at Putt View stumbled upon Equator by accident, and they were immediately amazed at how quickly and easily they could get the data they needed. Within a week of using Equator, they were able to seamlessly transition their workflow.

The most impressive part of discovering Equator has been the cost savings for the company. Before Equator, the annual bill for getting the data they needed exceeded $100,000. Equator has not only saved them a sizeable operating cost, but has also helped their business scale. Not bad for $30/month.

Thanks to Equator, the team has access to point cloud data for all of North America and Australia and not just urban areas.

“We’re able to get some of those more popular courses that weren’t covered by our other data source. And since those are the more popular courses, we’re gonna get a lot of orders for those books.”

Avoid project delays with Equator

Stop wasting hours scouring the internet for quality data. Engineers that use Equator get their projects off the ground faster, cut their downtime, and close more business.


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