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The Power to Define your Site in Minutes

To set up and create your own site, follow the steps below:
Source elevation data
With thousands of high-resolution elevation data sets, get a headstart on the competition and put your best work forward from day one. 
Clip data to your boundary
Automatically clip elevation data to your site boundary, like no other online data portal in the world.
Generate smooth contours
Pick smooth or detailed contours, in any interval, and generate custom deliverables using Equator as your personal GIS assistant.
Create CAD ready base plans
Instantly build CAD-ready base plans. Choose your site location, add data and customize. When you’re ready, export your deliverable with a single click. 

Automated, Professional Deliverables

Choose from hundreds of curated, high-resolution elevation products that are custom-built to meet your business needs.



Digital Elevation Model

Digital Surface Model


3D Surface

Site Builder

Your Personal GIS Assistant

Stop sourcing, processing, reprojecting, filtering, and cleaning-up data manually. Get work done faster, with confidence using Equator as your personal GIS assistant. Using Site Builder, simply outline your area, browse through curated data sets, and professional elevation deliverables in minutes.

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Grow your business leveraging built-in, high-resolution elevation data and design tools.

Contour generator 

Generate contours from high-resolution lidar data, in any interval or format you need.  | Read More

Source lidar online

Save thousands on topographic surveys by sourcing high-resolution data online. | Read More

Make maps and figures

Maximize your team's output with easy-to-use map and figure-building tools.  | Read More

Topographic map maker

Create custom, interactive topographic maps online. | Read More

Find GIS data

Access open GIS data portals from around the world from a central search engine. | Read More

Markup and collaborate in real-time

Ground-breaking real-time collaboration on a map between  departments, companies, and clients | Read More

Winning Proposals

Uncover meaningful location insights and communicate your plans with clarity and ease.  Score higher on proposals with better project understanding, without losing billable time.

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How to Create a Topographic Map

Follow these 6 steps to create a topographic map now:

  1. Open Equator and search for your location 
  2. Use Site Builder to select the boundaries of your site
  3. Select the topographic map type you want to create 
  4. Customize the look of the topographic map
  5. Publish your map or share online 
  6. Download topographic map data to share with others 

Why the Equator Site Builder is the Best Choice for You

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