Create and View Contour Map

fort lauderdale topographic map

In less than 5 minutes you can use Equator to create accurate contours.

What is a Contour Map?

A contour map is a map that has contour lines on it. Contour lines curve and join along points that are the same elevation. They are used by surveyors, civil engineers and other professionals to prepare for construction projects and natural disaster analysis.

How do I make a contour map?

Using Equator you can create a contour map to view in Equator, or download for use in other software:

1. Visit Equator Studios

2. Search for a location that you would like to create a contour map

3. Zoom in using the scroll wheel to focus in on a specific area

4. When the button on-screen turns green and reads, “Add a New Site Here”, click the button to declare your project site

5. In the left-hand sidebar, select “Contours (SHP)” or “Contours (DWG)”

6. Click “Generate” and our supercomputers will begin to process the contours

7. Wait a few minutes to see the contours in-app

Where are contours available?

You can create a contour map using Equator anywhere on the Earth’s surface. We provide high-resolution data from LiDAR surveys as well as low-resolution data from JAXA.

The high-resolution data is available in parts of the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

If you have other LiDAR datasets that you would like to see in the app you can email us at

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