User Guide / Changing the base map

Changing the base map

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the following steps: 

  • Changing the source of the base map 
  • Toggling on and off the base map 


By default, you will always be working within a base map layer when you open Equator.

There are different base maps built into the platform that you can switch between at any point, including:

  1. Esri (default)
  2. Open Street Maps
  3. Bing Streets
  4. Bing Ortho + Labels
  5. Bing Ortho

To switch between the different base maps, select the globe button at the bottom right corner of your map window. A menu will appear with the different layer options.

Quick base map options

The image below shows you the base map options that are available using the globe button in the bottom right.